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Welcome to Dunlore.

Dunlore is a fantasy realm slowly sinking into a dark age.

The early bronze age of yesterday is all but forgotten, the silver age is remembered as simply a legend, and the golden age remains as a nebulous myth. All of the gods, if they had existed, have disappeared. Evil is simmering beneath the surface of the earth, and its twisted offspring ooze up into the world through dark dungeons.

However, an ordering reaction to this increasing chaos is developing: the heroes of Dunlore.

"Order degenerates into disorder, just as disorder coalesces into order. Existence is a cycle, with no Beginning and no End. There is only activity, flux: constant change."
-Bronze age Dunlore scholar, name forgotten

And the main change in the present age is a disordering back towards chaos. But although change itself cannot be stopped, the specific course this change takes can be altered. Those with the mightiest impact on this path, the noble heroes, have the power to forge the course of existence. Will the heroes of this world plunge the universe into further decline, or will they invigorate this age and reverse the flux back towards the golden age? You can help decide. This existence is yours.

An MMORPG in development.

Current Version: 1.0.6 Beta